Elegant building of the XIX century, reorganized in 1854 by Charles Emmanuel Sigismond de Montmorency-Luxembourg. Three castles followed one another : the feudal lord built by Etienne de Champagne in 1359, that of the Nicolas Bracque in 1379 and that of Coligny in the XV century.

   Today, the castle is a private house, it does not visit.

The park of the castle (22 hectares)

   Park wooded by XIXth centuryaround a seigneurial tower of XIIth century. Today it is about a vast area of grass where wa can guess the drawing of the initial gardens. The orangery dominates gardens lined by channeled Milleron. It is an exceptional building and certainly on of the first and the most beautiful of orangeries built in France in XVIth century.

   Conservation area, closed to the public. Visits only by appointment, piece of information with the Tourist Office.