Come to discover the side streets of Châtillon Coligny, these are full of surprises and discovery.
  • The house "Colette"

   It is in this house that Dr Achille Robineau, then doctor in Châtillon, welcomed in 1891, arriving from St Sauveur in Puissaye, his parents and his half-sister, Sidonie-Gabrielle (the 18 year old intended Colette). The youg girl living with her parents in 9 kniks of the Equality, liked to accompany the doctor to visit the sick. Colette got married in Châtillon on May 15th, 1893 with Henri-Gauthier Villars (Willy). She appreciated so murch our city which she wrote shortly before her death : "never I evoke cooly Châtillon Coligny, a beautiful region". Her family rests in the old cemetery.
(Does not visit)
  • "L'Enfer" (XVIth century)

   Seat of the provostship served as place of sermon cult protesting before the construction of the temple (1620). This building became Town Hall up to the transfer of the municipality in the old middle school protesting in 1810. We perceived the seigneurial fees.
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  • "The Paradise" (in the end of XVIth century)

   Served as place of perception of the tithe (tax of the clergy). The canons of the collegiate Church gave it conferences.
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  • "The attic with salt" (XVIth century)

   It served to store the salt from which the royal tax was taken.
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  • "The statue of Antoine Cesar Becquerel " (1788-1878)

   Officer of the genius, he participated in many battles during the wars for independance of Spain (1810-1912). Pionner of the electricity and the electrochemistry he was in particular at the origin of the pile two liquids, of the photo.
  • The Church "St Pierre-Saint Paul"

   The first part, was built in XVIth century by Gaspard 1st, father of the Admiral decided to transfer the collective Chapter and the parish situated in the Church of his castle towards this chapel. In XVIIth, it was enlarged by the extension of the nave and the construction of the side chapels. At the bottom the organ the classified sideboard of which dates 1801. Claude Vignon's picture (teacher on the royal academy in XVIIth century) representing the Metamorphosis, decorates the chorus. A peculiarity : the bell tower, situated on a tower of defense, is separeted from the Church.
  • The city hall

   It was built at the beginning of XXth century and inaugurated in 1904. It replaced the former city hall situated since 1810 in the former constructed calvinist middle school there 1562 by Gaspard II de Coligny on the same just place behind bust. In 1685, Elizabeth Isabelle Angélique, princess of Mecklembourget duchess of Châtillon had bought it to establish Benedictines there whom the revolution scattered. Set on fire vby the lightning, this building was demolished in 1902.