• The church St Martin and his portal : 
Registered on the inventory of historic monuments since 1972. She has to date the end of XIth century. The frescoes which decorated the intrados of the bow of entry of the apse were put down to the museum Girodet in Montargis. They represent the mystic Lamb supported by two angels.
  •  The portal of Cortrat : 
The portal is established by an irregular girder in the extremities cut to stimulate horses, the store of which has to result from a sarcophagus and from an eardrum decorated with engraved diamonds.
  • "Merovingian" cemetery in the farm of "Cannetière" : 
Saxon cemetery of the end of the IVth century, the women of which are adorned with incredible jewels, testtifying of the hight hierarchy of these Federeted in the service of Roman Empire.
  • Cemetery of the "Têne" of V or ivth century : 
Consisted of warrior's graves, the latter was going to supply a key for the correspondance of the military "Laténiens" equipments V or IVth century before Jesus-Christ and can be a connexion between the armament of Senons of Italy and those of our region.
These two cemeteries with their rich furniture are the confirmation of our distant local origins.

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