• The church St Eustache :

 She would date the XIIth century. The adjacent cemetery in its north part was moved in 1909. She was enlarged at the end of the XVIIth century, according to the technical of the timber framing.

In 1936, the bell tower threatening to collapse, is shaved, and the church was so shortened by a span.

  •  L'Aveyron :
  • The village is crossed by Aveyron. He originates from the wood of Origins in the northeast point of the municipality of Champcevrais (in the Yonne). Aveyron feeds then the pond of Châtre near the eponym castle.

    In the Charme, he feeds the municipal ornamental lake. He receives waters of the brook of Gargoyles, which flow on St Maurice on Aveyron.
  •  Antoine-César Becquerel :

 He studies to the polytechnic school. He is an officer of the genius in the countrysides of Spain and France. He leaves the service in 1815 and dedicates itself to scientific works which are worth to him the title of member of the Academy of Science in 1829. He gives the first one the idea of battery to constant current.

He was a mayor of the Charm and Member of General Council of Loiret. The public garden near the square of the church bears its name.

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