• The church "St Léger" :
Its nave dates the XIIIth century, but two spans of the chorus go back to the XIIth century. Stained-glass window were offered by the family of Marshal Mac-Mahon at the end of the XIXth century.
  • The castle of Forest:
At the heart of a manificient park, he was built in 17th century by the family of Boileau. The family of Machau became an owner in 1627 and kept him about two centuries ; then the family of Castries bought him in 1842 and he passed by alliance to Marshal Mac-Mahon.
  • The Bust of Marshal Mac-Mahon :
Duke of Magenta, first President of the IIIth Republic from 1873 till 1879, he lived in the castle of Forest where he dies there in 1893. In its memory, its bust decorates the facade of the town hall.
  • The dovecote :
Built on two levels, he would have approximately three centuries, it would be the work of the lords of the "Brosse". Realized in stones, he is covered with tiles. We can also perceive a pigeon in terra-cotta put on the roof. This one indicated the function of the building.
To see also : The manor house  "Farm of the  Brosse", the former communal sink for washing clothes, the fountain "St Genou".